Acro is one of the fastest growing dance styles in todays dance world and that rings true here at MDC. Acro is such a fun style of dance which incorporates acrobatique movement and dance into one, to create a beautiful art form. Who doesn’t love flipping and moving in ways the defy gravity!? Right? It’s so much fun.

However, with the fun comes some risk if tricks are not executed properly. This is why when students are developing skills you will often see the instructor helping them , this is called spotting.

With our ever growing acro program here at MDC more and more of our dancers are choosing to practice at home . This is great , keep up the great work dancers! However, as dancers advance in their acro training so do their skills and tricks. Therefore , it is SO SO important you and your dancer  remember that some acro skills  may require spotting from a parent.

Spotting has many benefits , it helps students build the strength they need for the acro moves they are developing, provides them with a sense of accomplishment and confidence for performing a move they cannot do on their own and most importantly spotting is one of the key tools to help prevent injury in acro dance. But , that’s only if it’s done properly. So how can you ensue you’re spotting properly at home? Don’t worry if you’re confused or have no idea how to spot , your’e not alone.  If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to spotting consider the following … 

1. Ask your dancers certified acro teacher the proper way to spot your dancer at home. Trust me we don’t mind! As a dance educater we love to hear that our students are practicing at home and that parents and guardians want to know the proper way to assist them .

2. Attend our Spotting Workshop on Saturday,October 20th from 3-4pm. This workshop will be completely free and teach you the basic spotting techniques for skills that are perfect for at home practice.

If you have any questions about how to properly spot your dancer , don’t hesitate to reach out to us through e-mail or approach us after class! We hope to see you October 20th for our spotting workshop:).

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