As a dancer and dance educator I have not only observed the benefits of a dance education in myelf  but also my students. Dance has many physical and mental benefits. Dance education can improve a child’s physical health by building their cardiovascular system, increasing flexibility, improving balance, expanding their range of motion and develping their spatial awareness. Dance also has many mental benefits including emotional maturity ,social awareness and improved memory skills.

When I began my dance education, I was a shy, awkward and anxious child who couldn’t do a pushup or run for more than a minute. As I continued my dance education journey, I started to become more confident in myself. As I learned new dance moves I felt accomplished and like I could do something right. My anxiety lessened because I was in a positive environment with people who enjoyed the same passions as me. Dance  allowed me to express my emotions and lighten the burden of my anxiety by reliving anxious energy through movement. I also noticed many physical benefits from my dance education; I grew stronger form conditioning, my cardiovascular skills improved from working on dance routines and I became much more flexible.

Here is a photo of me (A.K.A Miss. Serena) as a young dancer. 

Dance gave me the ability to express my anxious energy through movement.


In a dance class at MDC children can express their emotions through movement starting at age 18 months. This allows children to release emotional stress and anxiety of the day in a physical way.Expression makes it so children can express their feelings better, a skill which is very important throughout life.Dance can also improve a child’s social interaction skills. Dance encourages students to work together in a team setting and teaches them teamworking skills. Children learn to communicate with one another and how they themselves interact with others.These are skills that are invaluable for children to learn.

Check out team Energy in the photo below. Team Energy was bonding and having LOTS of fun at Limelight dance competition in March ,making memories that will last a lifetime and without even knowing it, developing the invaluable life skills mentioned above.

On the physical side of things dance can be as physically beneficial to a child as biking, swimming or other sports. A dance education at MDC is a great way for children to stay active in a fun and engaging way.


Dance strengthens the weight-bearing bones of children as they develop.These bones include the femur, tibia, and fibula.The physical repetitive actions of dance in the lower body increase the range of motion in the lower back and hip joints which allows children to grow up with proper posture and will prevent lower back pain problems later in their lives.

A dance education at MDC would have endless benefits for your child; both physically and mentally. I have seen these benefits within myself and in my students.

Thinking of registering your child for a dance class here at MDC? DO IT , I believe your child would benefit immensely from a dance education here at MDC, beginning at a young age. Our classes begin at age 18 months in various styles. Contact us or follow us on social media below for more information about joining our #mdcfam.

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