Are you trying to decide between acro dance and gymnastics for your child but don’t know the difference? Well look no further here on the MDC blog we’ll be laying out the difference.

Gymnasts are trained to be hard hitting ,well trained athletes. If you have ever seen a gymnast performing a floor routine you can see the prep for tricks clearly and how every stumble represents a point deduction in their overall score. Gymnastics is a sport thru and thru.

Acro dance is an art form. Acro is all about lengthening the body and flowing into the tricks using dance moves with very little prep.

Gymnast train on spring floors allowing them to execute intense tumbling lines with lots of height again and again. This spring floor gives gymnasts rebound that helps give them air for their tricks.

Acro dance does not have a spring floor,it conditions students to perform acro tricks on the hard stage floor. Because there is no spring floor acro dancers must condition their bodies to be strong and powerful to be able to give themselves the same lift gymnasts get from the spring floor using just their bodies.

The look of tumbling lines in gymnastics and acro dance often look very different , where a gymnastics tumbling line is full of tricks and very hard hitting an acro dance tumbling would appear softer with a combination of tricks and dance moves.

Overall the biggest difference between gymnastics and acro dance is that gymnastics is a sport and acro dance is an art.

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