Welcome back to the MDC blog! This post is shining the spotlight on all the Acro and Adult classes MDC offers/will be offering in 2018. I bet there are a lot more of these classes than you think there are. Close your eyes …take a guess; how many adult classes do you think MDC will be offering come September 2018? The answer is 4 !! Didn’t see that coming did ya?

This post will also be discussing our Acrobatic classes offered  and introduce you to our April students of the month who just so happen to be apart of these classes that this post will be highlighting.

All About Tanya

Tanya is a part of the Adult Jazz class here at MDC. Tanya loves dance because it keeps her active and it shows her children (who are also MDC dancers) that you can do anything if you just try .

Tanya also loves the amazing dance family she has acquired through dancing here at MDC.

Tanya was chosen as the student of the month because she recently competed a contemporary solo at Elite Dance Competition for the first time EVER ! Proving that age is no limitation and you can do anything you set your mind to at any point in your life.

Tanya is such a great motivation to our students and a cherished member of our #mdcfam.

As you can see in the above photo of our 2018 Fall schedule MDC will be offering a variety of adult classes including a Competitive team , Adult Tap , the Dads in Motion competition team and of course the traditional Adult Ballet/Jazz.

All of the adult classes are designed for both the beginner and intermediate dancer , NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! The only thing  required is a positive mindset 🙂 The biggest focus of these classes is to be active , learn something new and HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions about our adult classes or want more information do not hesitate to send as an e-mail : Motiondancecentre@gmail.com.

All About Jada

Jada is in our Acro level 2 class and has been chosen as the student of the month for the awesome progress she is showing in her handstands and back walkovers. Jada has been taking Acro at MDC since September 2017. Her favourite dance move/Acro trick is a back walkover.

Acro is a fun and energetic class. Here at MDC we have Acro classes starting at ages 3 and going right up to Adult! Acro classes work on building strength and flexibility through conditioning and stretching exercises and of course learning Acrobatic tricks. Our Acro classes range from the beginner level right up to the advanced level and our staff take into account the needs of the individual students and are able to offer different variations of tricks depending on the need of each student. We really care about our students here at MDC and understand that no two students are the same.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may hav eabout or Acro or Adult classes. We woujld be happy to chat about these awesome classes with you !

Interested in these classes? If you’re interested why not come try one out? The first class is always free!

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