Well it’s that time of year again , the most wonderful time of the year… No it’s not Christmas, it’s BACK TO DANCE!!

I hope you read our last post and have been doing your stretches to get those muscles back in shape , if not that’s requirement #1 for being ready for back to dance. So,if you haven’t checked that out do it NOW (I cannot stress enough how important this is , your muscles need love).Post can be found in the recents/archive tab or by clicking blog at the top of the page.

This post can be used as a checklist to ensure you or your dancer is ready for back to dance and has everything they need! This post is great for anyone new to dance or even returning dancers to make sure they still have everything that they need.

1. A Dance Bag

Your dancer is going to need a small-medium size athletics bag like the one pictured below to put all their dance gear in. Without a dance bag shoes,tights and bobby pins will be lost and everywhere!

2. A Water Bottle

Hydration is key so make sure your dancer has a water bottle to bring to class because they are gonna sweat and need to re fuel!

3. Dance Shoes

Check with your child’s teacher and ensure you have or have ordered all the shoes required for their classes. You wouldn’t put your child on the ice to play hockey without skates so don’t send your dancer to class without the proper footwear.

4. Hair Supplies

Make sure to send extra hair ties , bobby pins and a brush so your dancer can fix any hair slip ups.

5. Labels

Label all of your dancers belongings , especially their dance shoes and water bottles because these are easily left behind , misplaced or mistaken for somebody else’s.

YAY! Your dancers all set for back to dance we can’t wait!

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