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I have had my kids at Motion Dance since the beginning and honestly it has been the best experience ever. My 2 year old is starting to come out of her shell with help and gentle encouragement from Sara. My 8 years old son has really learned how to be a team player. I love relaxed and positive the atmosphere is and the way the teachers bring out the best of each student. I highly recommend Motion Dance to any one looking for a homey, confidence building, AWESOME Studio.

Tasha C.

Mom of two

Motion Dance Centre TRUELY embodies what it feels like to be included in a group of people who have a passion for the same thing you do: dance! Thanks to Sara and my teachers, I have grown so much in dance, and I also have come to consider friends from dance as my new family. My Motion Dance Family:)

Maia B

Competitive Dancer

Our daughters ages 4 and 6 have been attending Motion Dance Centre since last September. Watching the youngest have so much fun with Miss Sara has been amazing. There have been days were she was to shy and would not want me to leave. The wonderful teacher Sara is would swoop her up in her arms and dance around the room until she was comfortable.

My oldest always looked foward to her class with Miss Heather. Watching her grow and learn is such was a wondeful feeling. My children absolutely love Motion Dance Centre and I am so happy to have placed them is such a wonderful place to grow and learn dance.
We could not have asked for a better place for them to grow with an amazing dance family.

Patricia S

Mother of Two Students

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sara for over 10 years now. Sara and I have danced in many competitive programs together, we have taught many classes together, been co-choreographers and
I’ve even had the pleasure of attending some of her classes as a student! Needless to say, I’ve known Sara through many aspects of dance.

Sara has never been shy about expressing her creativity, which is always inspired by music and the talent and potential that her students bring to the table. Sara has always used the potential of her students in her choreography and encouraged them to work hard to achieve goals they never thought possible. Sara is no doubt an advocate that hard work will pay off. I have experienced this first hand!

Stephanie M

Vibrations Dancer

Dancing with Motion Dance is so amazing. The teachers are so kind and caring. I have learned so much here, and I have built more confidence in my dancing. It is a really inspiring studio. I’m proud to dance at Motion! Kailey S

Rush Dancer

I’ve been taking classes from Heather ever since I was little. I have learned so much from her and I learn something new every time I walk into studio B. I have made so many great friends (and inside jokes) in my experience. Heather always knew how to push us further and help us improve our dance skills. Go Heather!!! Kayla V

Rush Dancer

Motion Dance Center isn’t just a Place for me to dance; it’s my home, a place where I can be myself and do what I love, and be surrounded by so many great people. Sara has tought me so much since I’ve been here. I’m so grateful for her and everything she does. She’s always there for me and any of the other dancers when we need her. She helps us learn and grow not just as dancers, but as people too. Ever since I started dancing, I have become so much confident in myself and I have met so many amazing people who I am lucky to call my friends now!! I love dancing here, it makes me feel like I belong. Even my lottle sister is joining after I told my parents how much I enjoy it. I can’t wait to dance again this year with Motion Dance Center!!!

Laura S.

Competitive Dancer

I started dancing with Heather about 4-5 years ago. at the end of the 10 week term we’d dance and show our parents our routine. at the end of that 10 week term I felt proud to walk in that door, walk on stage, and assume our ready positions. I felt confident because I was proud of Heather’s genius choreography that I had learned and I was surrounded by some of my best friends. Even though motion dance centre is new, it seems like I’ve been dancing for it for years and I’m SO excited for that to become true! Olivia D

Former Student

Motion Dance and Sara are amazing! My daughter has learned so much. She loves to dance and always has, but with Sara’s guidence she is able to truly perform and make sure she is not harming her body in the process. She has learned to love dance even more with the help of her new friends in dance class, Sara and helper Miss Ranna Shawna T.P.

My daughter started dancing at MDC at 18 months.  She was shy, timid and didn’t lead her mothers side, or stray far from it.  Her first Parent and Tot class was spent mostly in my arms or her mothers arms.  Miss Sara was so patient with her, she was kind and gentle and eventually my daughter started to do a little dancing.  We later found out she had a STRONG need for glasses, and after starting to wear them, the little dancer inside emerged.

She has come so far in dance since getting glasses with the help of Miss Sara, Motion Dance Centre and its instructors has given her more than we can express.  This child who had no balance, and no confidence from being partially blind most her life, suddenly flourished and found a strength we didn’t know she had.  Dance can do so much for a child when given the right tools and the right support.


Parent of Recreational Dancer

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