Motion Dance Centre

Policies 2022/23
Communication Policy

All communication is done via email, so please keep an up to date address on file.

All communications with instructors from parents/guardians is to be done either through studio email addresses, or through phone call/text messages to the dance studio main line: 902-801-8116. Please do not use personal Facebook accounts for communication. Emails and texts will be answered during business hours, and response time can range from 24-48 hours for non-urgent requests, although we will endeavor to answer as soon as possible!

For our competitive teams we will also post in the Motion Dance Centre Competitive Facebook Group.

Classroom Etiquette Policy

All dancers will arrive to class with appropriate dance wear, with proper dance shoes, hair pulled back off of their face if applicable, and a sealed water bottle. Dancers should use the washroom before class to avoid disruption. 

All dancewear items are available for purchase in the office. Should you have any questions on the required dancewear for your child’s class, please email the office at

Class Attendance & Participation Policy

Whenever possible, dancers should participate in class with full energy. Students are expected to make class time a priority unless they are ill, and if they miss class it is their responsibility to learn missed choreography from a friend, through a classroom video, or in a private lesson. Frequent absences may result in being removed from routines in upcoming shows/events/competitions. 

Cancellation/Make Up Class Policy

If classes are cancelled due to weather conditions, MDC will make those classes up, and information will be sent out with more details within 48 hours of the cancellation. All cancellations will be posted on our social media accounts by 8am on weekends, and 3pm on weekdays. MDC reserves the right to reschedule classes, combine and/or change class times due to circumstances involving dance related events like competitions, instructor illness, or registration numbers. 

Refund Policy

Merchandise purchased within our studio may be exchanged or refunded within 15 days of purchase as long as the item is returned with original packaging and in like-new condition. For hygiene reasons, tights are not eligible for exchange or refund if opened.

Tuition fees, registration fees, and costume fees are non-refundable once paid to Motion Dance Centre Inc. We do not offer refunds or credits unless there is a documented medical reason why your dancer can no longer participate, or in the event that you are moving out of province and unable to attend classes. Moving to a new address still within the HRM, a newly arising scheduling conflict with another activity or sporting event, or disinterest in continuing with dance do not qualify students for a refund or credit. 

Where applicable, exam fees and competition fees are also considered non-refundable once paid. In these cases, Motion Dance Centre acts as a third party to facilitate the payment of fees from families to competitions and examining bodies, and once those fees have been paid to the external organizations, refunds and credits are out of our control. 

Please note, our Covid-19 related refund policy will stay in effect, whereby if a government mandated shutdown occurs, classes will be held on Zoom for the remainder of the affected month, and if we are not able to be back in the classroom the following month, monthly payments will be paused until we can resume, and our season will be extended to make up the missed time. 

In the event that a dancer has credits placed on their account from a third party such as a competition or examining body, or tuition credits that may have been given at the discretion of the Artistic Director, those credits are not transferrable to another dancer, and are not redeemable for monetary value. This includes situations where students choose to move to another school, or discontinue dancing altogether  These credits do not expire, and will remain on the dancers account for as long as Motion Dance Centre is in operations. 


Outstanding Accounts Policy

Motion Dance Centre requires that all tuition, costume and competition fees be paid by June 30th. Dancers with an outstanding balance will not be able to register for the next season until the outstanding balance is paid. 

Current Covid-19 Operating Procedures

Any dancer who has tested positive with Covid-19 must either stay home from class, or attend classes online while they are
actively symptomatic.

Dancers with a fever, vomiting or stomach issues, should also stay home or attend online, returning once they are 24 hours
fever or stomach issue free. 

Registration and Schedule

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