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Ages 5+

Comprehensive Training Program (CTP)

(ages 5+)

The Comprehensive Training Program is our top tier training program for students who wish to pursue their passion for dance in a highly technical structured environment. The Comprehensive Training Program is designed by ADAPT certified teachers and will prepare students for their ADAPT exams.

Students in the comprehensive training program will work through the levels of the ADAPT syllabus which range from Pre-Junior to Intermediate. Information on the ADAPT syllabus can be found here.

The Comprehensive Training Program will cover ballet, tap and jazz beginning at age 5. At the age of 8, CTP students will have the opportunity to add in an additional dance style such as hip hop or contemporary and at the age of 10 students may add in another style such as musical theatre or modern. For more information please contact the Artistic Director at


(ages 5+)

Our fastest growing dance program, acro is a blend of dance technique with acrobatic tricks such as handstands, aerials, cartwheels, rolls and tumbling following the ADTA syllabus. In this class, students learn the techniques needed to perform their acro tricks safely and properly and build strength and flexibility. Students of any level can take this class, because the moves progress at the pace of each individual student. 

Acro Performance

The acro performance class is a class for students enrolled in an acro class who wish to learn choreography to perform at recitals and other performance opportunities. Stuents MUST be enrolled in an acro class at Motion Dance Centre to participate in this class.

It is highly recommended that acro dancers take a ballet or a jazz technique class.


(ages 5+)

The focus of this class is on building the foundations of dance.  We follow the ADAPT ballet syllabus, and offer exams to those who wish to take them, but they are not mandatory.

Ballet is the base of every form of dance, and we believe it is an important part of dance education. Dancers will learn basic to advanced ballet technique including barre work, center work and across the floor progressions. As dancers grow stronger in their ballet, they may be invited to join our pre-pointe program to help strengthen them and prepare them to dance en pointe. 

No experience is necessary to start!
**mandatory for all competitive dancers


(ages 5+)

Jazz classes focus on developing the dancers in one of the traditional styles, following the ADAPT syllabus. We offer the option to take part in yearly exams, however they are not mandatory.

In class, the fundamentals of jazz are taught through barre work, terminology, centre work, and combinations. Expect the music to be upbeat, and the energy to be high! Students will learn the proper positioning of the feet and arms, and will practice jumps, leaps and turns while also learning barre exercises and centre work appropriate for their skill level.


(ages 5+)

Tap classes focus on developing the dancers in one of the traditional styles, following the ADAPT syllabus. We offer the option to take part in yearly exams, however they are not mandatory.

Tap classes focus on the fundamental skills of tap dance including musicality , rhythm and  concepts such as stomps, stamps, brushes, toe/heel taps, toe/heel digs,shuffles. As dancers grow, these skills will be built upon, and a greater importance will be placed on musicality and choreography, and finding individual style and performance!

Hip Hop

(ages 5+)

Hip Hop is an upbeat and energetic class suitable for all ages! In Junior Hip Hop students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance such as grooves, stalls, rocks, isolations and more while  blending the elements of traditional hip hop dance with street jazz and break-dancing. Students will work on improving rhythm and musicality while participating in center and across the floor work.

In teen hip hop, the fundamentals will be taught, and students will be encouraged to learn the different styles of hip hop, and to work to build their own style through freestyle movement, collective choreography, and style exploration!


(ages 7+)

A contemporary class is the perfect place for someone to explore self expression in a safe and supportive environment. This style of dance incorporates fundamental techniques from ballet, jazz and modern dance while allowing dancers to use their bodies to tell a story or to express various emotions. Contemporary classes are less rigid than jazz and ballet technique classes, allowing for students to explore their creativity through movement. Contemporary classes include opportunities for free dance, centre exercises, barre exercises , combinations and strength and flexibility training.

It is highly recommended that contemporary dancers take an additional dance class. 

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