Motion Dance Centre

Ages 3 - 6 years

Preschool Intro to Dance

(ages 3-5)

In this year long class, each of the three terms will be devoted to a different style. Term one will be our traditional Creative Movement format, term two will give students the opportunity to try out the Tumble Tots style class, and term three will finish with a Hip Hop Tots class. Throughout all styles, learning will be play based, using sensory tools, songs, dancing and games will be used to develop self-expression musicality and a love for dance.

Creative Movement

(ages 3-6)

A mixture of movement, music and traditional dance steps, this class is an introduction to the study of dance. Children will be encouraged to use their creativity through improvisation, and will be taught fundamental steps in ballet and jazz. Through the use of specific creative movement activities, children learn the basics of dance while improving their coordination, strength, spatial awareness and motor skills. Concepts taught will include stretching, skipping, galloping, hopping, balancing as well as the basic positions of the feet and arms in ballet and jazz. This class will participate in both the Christmas and Year End recitals.

Hip Hop Tots

(ages 3-6)

 This class will help your little one find their funky side! Using play based learning, these budding hip hop stars will learn how to isolate sections of their bodies and find accents in music to stylize their movements. Each class will work on grooves, stalls, rocks, isolations and more! We will also encourage dancers to tap into their creativity and learn new ways to put their movements together into their own freestyle. This class is high energy, lots of fun, and a great way to introduce movement concepts to children. This class will participate in both the Christmas and Year End recitals.

Tumble Tots

(ages 3-6)

If your little one is more interested in trying to do a somersault than a tendu, then this is the class for them! Tumble Tots is a mixture of dance and gymnastics, with students working on their somersaults, bridges, balances, and handstand prep. The class starts with dance based improvisation games to get the creativity flowing, and then moves into a circuit format where the students can take their time learning each individual skill with one-on-one instructor attention. If a student is ready to progress beyond their classmates, the instructor is able to accommodate that, making sure that every child is equally challenged and able to grow. This class will participate in both the Christmas and Year End recitals.

Tappin’ Tots

(ages 3-6) 

Tappin Tots classes focus on bringing out the creativity in your child while they learn the fundamental skills of tap dance including concepts such as stomps, stamps, brushes, toe/heel taps, toe/heel digs, and shuffles.In this class, we explore  fundamental tap skills and technique following the ADAPT syllabus. Dancers in this class will focus on improving musicality and rhythm, and will focus on working their fine motor skills to help move the feet to make the proper tap sounds. In this class kids will learn through play based dance games, barre work and center exercises. This class will participate in both the Christmas and Year End recitals.

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