Motion Dance Centre

Adult 18+

Heels – offered as a workshop. If there is a demand, a full class will be added!

(ages 18+)


Find your inner confidence and sass with this class! In heels class styles such as pop, hip hop and jazz will be explored, all while wearing Рyou guessed it Рhigh heels! We often get asked if heels are mandatory for taking the class Рnot at all. You are free to dance in sneakers or bare feet while getting used to the movements, and move to heels as you are comfortable. 

Come prepared to sweat, and to get the calf workout of your life!


Adult Classes 

(ages 18+)


Adult classes at Motion Dance Centre are fun filled classes built for adults to come have fun, learn something new and exercise. We have variety of adult classes that teach the fundamentals of dance styles such as tap, jazz and ballet. We also have an adult competitive team.

Basically, we realize that as adults, you are busy! You don’t always have the same amount of time to commit to a class as a younger dancer, and quite often you have different goals. We aim to gear our classes toward the goals and desires of our mixture of students. If you’re there for a serious class and want performance opportunities, we will give them to you! But if you just want to come and learn to dance without having to perform – we can accommodate that too. Please contact us for more info.


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